In China, female is a kind of victim,not only in antiquity, but also in today.
     In antiquity, female nearly has no rights in society. Since Chin (秦) period inaugurating the feudal age in China, female had been tied tightly. From then on, female lost their freedom. Husbands and families became the creeds of the female. What’s more, in women’s old age, when they lost their spouses, their sons became their new leaders. Usually, they had no bequests at all. But these things only happened in a family. And in society, they were treated on their necks much worse.
     In politics, they had no rights to take part in the examination, which the government chose officeholders. In the 2000-year feudal age, how many women could join in the government? To be doubted, on more than ten. The most two famous are WuZetian(武则天), the emperor of Tang Period and the Queen Mother Xiaozhuang (孝庄) of Qing Period. But when we count the number of the emperors and monarchs in history, it’s more than ten thousand. As to officeholders, the disparity is much larger.
     In marriage, a woman had no rights to choice her spouse, but a man could have many spouses. And this case happened not only to populaces’ daughters, but also to princesses. 
     Aixinjueluo Xuanye (爱新觉罗.玄烨), the famous wise and bright monarch in history, sent his daughter, Lan Qier (蓝齐儿), to Ge Erdan (葛尔丹), the hegemony of Mongolia, to marriage. Through Lan Qier cried her eyes out, through she loved Li Guangdi(李光地)deeply, for the Big Qing Dynasty, Aixinjueluo Xuanye must let her marriage Ge Erdan. When she reached Mongolia, she just said that I was doubted the birds in the capital would never come here; even they were flying until their wings injured. In the end, she shouted to his elder brother “Tell my emperor father. From now on, I become Ge Erdan’s woman.” That meant from then, Lan Qier became the enemy of the Qing Dynasty. It showed that the Princess Lan Qier loved his father, but at the same time hated him. So Lan Qier was a victim for the Big Qing Dynasty.
     For a woman, she must keep her chasteness for all his life. No rights to divorce with her male spouse, no rights to love with another man, And what’s more, even facing to the strike from her husband, she had no rights to retaliate upon. It was too pity, wasn’t it?
     Now through women’s position has been improved much more, women have less rights than men. For example, in family women are always assistants. Many important things are determined by men. But even in that case, many women are hit by their husbands. In fact, the reason is that those husbands are unsuccessful in their career and they are stronger than their wives. If a man is successful enough outside and very proud before other people, does he need the portliness in home? Do you hear Napoleon hit his wife in home? Never, you will never have this opportunity. So that means her husband is unable outside, if a woman is hit in home.
     In my opinion, if we have families, we should never invest our family wealth to our business. So our families can live well without worrying our burst-up or where to live tomorrow. If we are really come insolvent one day, my wife will tell me:’’ Come back, I can support you.” That’s wonderful, isn’t it?