The diet, which is a very fashion word nowadays,  has come into people’s life and been playing an important part. And why  is diet  so popular?
    Now I’ll give some reasons why people are so crazy on dieting.
    The first reason , obviously ,is to lose weight. As we all know , as people’s living condition becomes better and better, their weight gets heavier and heavier, and now it is so common to see people with so much fat all over their bodies. Many young girls , mothers and even a lot of boys stick to their diet plans every day.
    The second reason is that some people have to diet for their careers. For instance, air stewardesses, dancers, gymnasts, models, and actresses . These people are symbols for beauty. We all like to watch them because they have beautiful figures. In order not to lose their jobs, they must keep their weight and have to diet under control.
    The third reason is very common, which is to keep health. These people are often the middle-aged and the elderly.
    As the diet becomes more and more popular, it is really necessary for us to know more about it. First of all, we must know the real meaning of diet. Diet means to control the quantities of food as your meals.From this point of view, people who need to diet are not only those fat people. In order to keep fit ,all of us need to diet.
    Then I’ll talk about the advantages and disadvantages about diet.
    Scientists have showed the reasons why dieting is helpful to a long life. Firstly, dieting can decrease the load of your stomach; secondly, eating too much may cause the disorder of the brain’s function. Thirdly, dieting gives people a thinner body, which can avoid a lot of diseases. Another important advantage of dieting is that through dieting you can have a slender and charming figure which makes you very beautiful or handsome. Appearance is very important nowadays.As we all know, famous singers such as Hanhong made more efforts on her way to success because of her appearance.
    Many people try to lose weight only by dieting. It is true that many of them may achieve their goals at last, but it is still not reliable. Studies have shown that most people who diet in order to lose weight end in growing back all of the weight and even more. This phenomenon is called weight cycling. Some experts believe that weight cycling is harmful to people’s health.
    At last ,we should talk about how to keep fit.
    Keep practice To keep fit, we must have a good health. To have a good health, the best way is just to keep pracitice..On weekends,you can play football, basketball, Tennis ball, golf, and so on .At the same time,you  can not only keep fit but also have a good time.
Pick up some good habits. For instance, sleep early and get up early; no smoking and less drinking. Have meals regularly,and  do not eat too much; listen to music from time to time .I think the most important point is to eat less food with high energy ,for example chocolate ,ice cream, sweets, cheese and  meat .When you eat that kind of food too much ,you are easy to get fat and have diseases.If you want to be more healthy,you should eat more vegetables and fruits.Then you will find life much easier and happier and you’re more beatuful.
    Keep a high mood .Smile to yourself and smile to others. Be interested in life and do the things you are intersted in. Cheers for your friends,have fun with your friends and you will find it easy to be happy .