I have been here on this campus for over half a year, not quite a long time, but I get to love it, viewing it as part of my university life.
    I love the beautiful garden which is more of a well-knit carpet stretching over the campus. Walking on the boulevards, feeling the wild breeze, enjoying the fair-songs and smelling the sweet potpourri, you will be intoxicated both physically and spiritually. Assuming that you are sitting on the one of the benches, reading a Shakespeare, what a nice learning experience.
    Furthermore, around the campus are many modern facilities to which we have free access. We may drop a visit to the library whenever we need and computer rooms are open till late night. The students are expected to make full use of these facilities, which is apparently of great benefit to our study.
    Never forget the loving dining hall ! We can enjoy a wide variety of foods with different flavors and styles. Students from different regions, races or even different countries can find a lot to their tastes. Moreover, the quantity of the dish is generous and the price is moderate. Although there are always “rush hours” in the dining hall, I like to be part of the crowd which makes me feel more like a university student.
    Last but not least, another reason why I love this campus so much is a great variety of student societies ranging from sports clubs to English radio station. I believe that you may find something that suits you ! As far as I am concerned, everybody needs kinds of warming-up before stepping into the real society and these student societies are the best starters for us. They are intended to enlarge our horizons, enrich our experiences and get us to be better prepared for future life.
    If you love to work for a company, you must love to work with your colleagues there. It is also true in my case. Both the friendly schoolmates and helpful teachers add to my passion for this campus, which makes me feel like at home. Come on and let us enjoy our university life from this moment on.