A new theory has recently flooded into our life, which is called Eight Honors and Disgraces. It was our chairman Hu Jintao who came up with this important theory, which reflects the basic rules of our daily life and can effectively regulate people’s behaviors. Among the 8 honors, in my point of view, the most important one is honesty.
        Honesty is the best virtue for people. Without honesty, it would be impossible for us to get along with each other. And the whole world would be covered with lies and evils. Mentioning honesty, it reminds me of a story of myself about it.
        When I was 15 years old, I told a big lie to my parents. I took the money from my parents to surf the internet and got addicted to PC games, sometimes even playing truant to enjoy my game world. I didn’t tell them until one day, my father discovered from my teacher that I had been absent for several times. My father got extremely angry and heavily beat me. However I dare not tell them the truth and lied to them that I had only played with other boys in my neighborhood. My father seemed to believe me ,but I left a deep scar in my heart.
        I kept it a secret until last year. It was the first day of my summer vacation. I remembered that evening I drank some beer and after supper went out for a walk around a manmade lake with my parents. Facing beautiful sceneries and mild winds, I kept up my courage and told them the whole story. They got surprised that I had spent so much money and time on games. But they just quietly accept the fact and didn’t blame me for the big fault.
        Keeping such a bad secret for more than 5 years is quite a miserable thing, while speaking it out really released me. I had always felt guilty to my parents but now, I no longer need to worry about it. From this incident I learned how important it is to be honest. Honesty can make me live a comfortable life and help to further the communication with my parents. In my opinion, we all should be honest to our parents, be honest to our friends, be honest to our loves and try to be honest to everyone, of course excluding our enemies.