Given some facts in our society, I feel that we have to work to live, but we should perform to the best of our potential when we work. At this very moment, such a notion that you’re living to work ought to be in your mind.
        Without work, we are incapable of making money, which leads to problems with normal living. The person who works to live has a strong sense of responsibility for his family. However, he also spends proper time staying with his family to enjoy happiness and relax himself. He who can tackle the relationship between work and family well is always leading a meaningful and pleasurable life.
        Since he tries his best to support his family, he works at full blast. While working, he devotes himself to it. He acts with integrity and is even addicted to work. It seems that he’s living to work, not only for the pleasing profits of his factory, but for the prosperity of his country.
        Thus, sometimes “Work to Live” and “Live to Work” are not contradictory. It’s up to you to coordinate the contact between them.