Now the Spoken English Test (SET) of CET is coming. I recall my story of the whole test and just want to share the experience with every dear friend.
        Last year, I took part in the SET of CET-4, which I think is perhaps the most unforgettable test I have ever taken. After several minutes’ preparation and communication with my partners, two lovely girls, we stepped into the test room, a spacious and clean classroom. Seated before two teachers, a video pointed to us and began to work. First a self-introduction, then the teacher asked us some simple questions which were thought to be stupid ones, but at that moment, seemed so hard for me to cope with. “How often and in what ways do you contact with your parents?” I answered the questions so carefully that I had never been like that even when I talked with my girlfriend’s mother!
        Fortunately, I forced myself to relax later and discussed with my partners around the topic-why we should show gratitude to our parents and teachers. Ten minutes seemed much longer than usual. But hardly had I totally recovered and decided to show off my “perfect English” when the teacher said a most terrible sentence in the world: “…ok. This is the end of the test! ” what a bad luck! Fearing that I might fail in the test, I showed my sincere gratitude and said goodbye to the teacher before I left my seat, in order to leave him a good impression.
        How I wish the teacher was so kind as to give me a high mark!