When the stars are in her eyes, and the sun is in her smile, the moment in a life that happens the same time is when a woman loves a man.
        When a woman loves a man, nothing and no one can tear them apart. They care for each other and bathe in the sun together. With the moderate breeze blowing, they enjoy the beauty of nature.
        When a woman loves a man, he’s her first thought in the morning and her last at nightfall. She’ll say he’s her everything and her NO.1. She believes he’ll give her strength and hope when she falls down.
        Oh! It’s the greatest gift of all when a woman loves a man. She’ll do all that she can and won’t let him give in. And just as sure as the stars that shine above, no matter what happens, they can count on each other’s love.
        When a woman loves a man, they’re just like angels, flying freely in the blue sky, no separation, till the end of time.