Dear all:
It is my great honor to have you read my letter. I have to mention beforehand that I’m writing not to advertise, but to have your attention about English!
English study, as we know, involves four parts: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Students who decide to take NEEP (The National Entrance Examination for Postgraduate) may consider that listening and speaking are not as important as the other two parts, especially for speaking. Some of them have paid little attention to their pronunciation. In my point of view, all these four parts should be laid equal emphasis and it is unwise to neglect any one.
Fortunately, English Association, founded by Adam Wu with his friends, offered all of us a good opportunity to practice our speaking. Here you can talk freely, without being afraid of making any mistakes, for all the people here are so kind as to help each other. Besides, there are all kinds of opportunities for you to speak in public, from making a presentation to evaluating, from discussing on a certain topic to debating in groups, from talking as a volunteer to presiding the whole meeting. Actually, our procedure is designed not only to practice everyone’s speaking, but to build up their self confidence so that they could overcome the nervousness and speak in front of others as well.
However, I am sorry to see that at present there are only a few people engaged in this meeting, although every time we indeed had a great time. If anyone really wants to speak perfect English, our Association would be your best choice undoubtedly. Do not hesitate again! Come on with us, you won’t regret! Remember, this meeting is held at 6:45pm on every Friday evening in the conference hall—on the 4th floor of our institute.
I hope I can see more people next time!
Best wishes!
Roland Sun