Once I was told that “family” stands for “father and mother I love you”. Then, I wonder, what does “harmonious campus” mean? Personally, I can explain it to you as this “tolerance and respect, self—discipline, progress and success”.
        Tolerance and respect

        The core of harmony lies in a healthy and working interpersonal relationship. When it comes to a harmonious campus, we mean that teachers and students get along well, while students respect and care for each other. However, everyone has his reason and conflicts are natural to break out. When something unpleasant happens, mutual tolerance and respect is just the key. Before you are to shout at that “dull” teacher, take a break to calculate how much knowledge he has poured into your brain; When you are going to clap that “bad” guy, spare some time and try to find something good he has done for you. Always keep a thankful heart, and you’ll find the world more beautiful. Let smile replace indifference; let gratitude expel hatred. Once a good interpersonal relationship comes, can a harmonious campus be far behind?


        No obligations, no order. But in order to establish a harmonious campus, self—discipline should be more advocated. This internal strength works like a chain, preventing yourself from doing anything against others. It also works as a guide, guiding yourself to a more beautiful world. From now on, no spitting or rubbishing can be seen; no shouting or cursing can be heard as well. The air is full of the smell of love. How fantastic!

        Progress and success
        Harmonious campus is not only a place for studying, but also one for your comprehensive development. Utilize your time well and gain balance between study and activities. Make the best of every minute and be sure to make a progress per day. On this campus, the definition of success is not confined to the academic level. As long as you try the best and move ahead on the way to your goal, you are successful. To summarize, harmonious campus is the very place for you to pursue interests, make progress and enjoy success.
        Here we are, on this harmonious campus: show tolerance and respect for other people, be self—disciplined, work hard and enjoy your success!